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Motorola's Professional and Commercial Radio portfolio, which is targeted directly at the Operations Critical industries, offers a scalable portfolio of both analog and digital radios, conventional or trunking systems, single-site or multi-site systems, and privately owned or operator owned systems. Depending on the operational needs of the customer, several system components may be utilized, including radios and accessories, infrastructure, and software applications. 

Historically, two-way radios have been a “one size fits all” type of solution. Today, advancements in technology allow us to provide a variety of radio and system solutions to meet the unique needs of different types of customers. Different radio designs, product tiers and software applications help us customize solutions to better serve specific customer needs.

Commercial and public sector radio users have relied upon Motorola Solutions for decades to increase their efficiency and reduce overall operational costs. Now Motorola is delivering the next generation of digital professional and commercial radio solutions to help government agencies and enterprise operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and access the industry's largest application development ecosystem.


The term “two-way radio” conjures up a variety of images. Many people think of public safety officers using expensive equipment and licensed spectrum to convey mission critical information at the site of an incident. Others think of hobbyists and sales clerks using “walkie-talkies” to keep in touch over relatively short distances. But there is a vast and growing market between these two extremes for professional users who need high quality yet affordable equipment that takes advantage of the power, range and coexistence characteristics of licensed channels.