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Reliable communications throughout the entire process is vital to successful operations.

Whether an employee is working the line or walking the factory floor, with the right two-way radios, accessories and applications, they can
communicate clearly and conveniently. If an emergency or accident happens, they can locate the closest personnel and dispatch them for immediate response. lf a machine breaks down, the quality manager is notified via text message, and can dispatch the nearest maintenance lead to minimize the machine's downtime. And if they want to determine if deliveries are on time and sent to the correct locations, they can coordinate their fleet with exceptional productivity and proficiency


Motorola two-way radios and the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems – together with accessories, WAVE Work Group Communications, software from our Application Partners, and support services – combines to keep plant management and workers connected in realtime to ensure the safety and security of employees and to drive operational efficiency throughout plant operations.

Manufacturers are compelled to drive maximum productivity for their labor investment. A primary concern is communications in the single–or multiplant environment. Motorola radio systems enable manufacturers to coordinate work teams for maximum efficiency, including:

  • Increasing worker productivity through instant one-on-one, group and broadcast communications; radios allow one worker to produce like two.
  • Supporting just-in-time inventory management by allowing raw materials, production and finished goods departments to coordinate raw material requirements on a realtime basis.
  • Increasing productivity of less experienced workers by providing instant access to more experienced workers and leaders; radios allow for on-the-job
    guidance in real time.